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The Bounty Angler is a stable, easy paddling kayak. I don't think it would be the ideal fishing kayak, but it comes equipped with a swivel rod holder and two fishing pole wells on the stern. The rod holder was missing from mine but the nice people at Pelican sent me one. The storage hatch in the bow has a nice latch and keeps your wallet, keys and cell phone dry. There is no room on the stern area for a milk crate, which many kayak fishermen favor. For the occasional angler who spends most of their time on the water just enjoying the solitude of a quiet river, it's a great choice.

I purchased the Pelican escape 100x for my wife. I have a Future Beach explorer 12.4. The main reason I bought the Pelican was because she wanted a yellow kayak. I assumed it would be fine.It had some nice features and cost twice as much as my kayak.I was wrong! We tested it in our in ground pool and I flipped over twice, both times I was already seated and ready to go, I found the v hull to be very unstable. My son tried it with the same result, my grandson, who weighs 120 lbs, was able to keep it upright but it was quite unstable. It will go back to the store tomorrow.

I bought the explorer after much study and internet investigation. I learned that it was very stable because of its hull design and this information was on the doesn't have a lot of options, but at the low price, you can trick it up and still be ahead of the others. I, for one, love this kayak.