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Name: paddler226664

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This kayak has never let me down or dumped me in the rivers, lakes or reservoirs😎 Very stable, even with my 120 pound Chow riding between my knees. Tacks a bit but never out of control. I had a very bad episode of Angina while kayaking one day. The winds came up as I was trying to get back to shore...blowing into the front of the kayak. I was taking on water and hot to a point about 100 yards out where I was unable to paddle. I was afraid of drowning as I was in & out of consciousness. I really wasn't sure what to do. I tried to paddle in but was too weak and had Nitroglycerin x 4 for my pain. Lucky for me, a stranger was backing his boat into the reservoir, saw me, ran into the water in his khaki pants and white shirt, swam out and pulled my boat with me 8n back into shore. He got me out of the kayak, left my coveted vest on, called my husband and laid me in my car as I was doing better and not ready to go to hospital, as usual. He then loaded my Dagger onto my Subaru and disappeared into the water. Never would I get near or into my kayak or any boat without my PDF.

Amazing product. Waterproofed and saved some items that were greatly needed like matches and phone and heart meds...Other things too. Will be purchasing more.
Highly recommend!