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Name: Paddlekidd

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I've been searching for a kayak of my own for the last year. I had only used the Bass Pro Ascend FS10 kayak and was determined to buy one. The expense was making it a long wait for me. I came across the Pelican Trailblazer 100 online at Dicks Sporting Goods. I will be honest it was the color choices that caught my attention at first.(It's a girl thing! LOL) At a $300 price mark it was almost half the Ascend price and became even more appealing, but the upgrades on the Ascend had me eyeing them again. When Dicks recently had their Summer Boat Sale and lowered the price of the Trailblazer to $179. I couldn't pass up giving it a shot. I have to say....I am not at all disappointed, the stability and tracking are great and I have money left in the budget to add rod holders and a few other things I think she needs. Beyond happy with my pretty coral trailblazer. She's lightweight and Im able to load it on top of my 4runner all by myself and Im 5'2" and 52years old. Great all around recreational kayak. Very happy!