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Last year I test paddled the Keewaydin 16 with my wife and liked it enough to order one. I had the bow seat moved forward 2” to accommodate our weight difference and my wife is petite so the narrower paddling station works for her. I opted not to do the bow sliding seat because I didn’t want to add extra weight and I’ve never found that I’ve needed to trim a canoe this way. If I need to trim, I just lean forward more myself or lean back or put a full dromedary bag in the bow. I find the seats comfortable for sitting or kneeling. I did not order the kneeling thwart even though I love to solo this canoe. I have an otter box for my 35mm camera that I use to support myself while kneeling. It works well for me and does not cut the boat up as much as an additional thwart. I can easily carry my canoe barrel, my dog, and another large backpack style dry bag, but would be more limited with a kneeling thwart. Solo, I heal the boat over and paddle Canadian style with my dog comfy on the foam mat. Healed over, the canoe is stable enough to accommodate some movement from her, a 75 pound dog. The canoe really firms up when near the rail so going over is not much of a worry. A dedicated solo is easier to paddle solo and less likely to be affected by the wind but the Keewayin 16 is a very fine canoe for solo paddling. For the most part, I’ll choose this canoe over my dedicated solo because it is a little lighter. It’s a wonderful canoe to paddle tandem, which is what it was purchased for. I can control it very well from the stern and my wife has great control in the bow as well, especially with a cross bow draw which is her go to turning stroke. I’m not sure how David Yost manages to combine sea worthiness, initial stability, good tracking and turning all in one design. But, he did it again. I’m also very impressed with Swifts craftsmanship and customer service. Our Keewaydin 16 turned out perfectly.