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Name: Applejack

Most Recent Reviews

So my girlfriend and I just purchased two of these and all we can say is very pleased! We went to the SOBX on our first trip with them and paddled some creeks. These kayaks track well, performs well on efficiency meaning they coast pretty well. I was able to stand up with no issues and even sling my cast net to catch bait and pole around in the flats. I dared my girlfriend to stand up and she took on the bet, with no issues she popped right up and poled around as well. Soooo I lost. But on the other hand, I won because we are planning our next trip.

the track bar plugs in and works like a champ. The wheel in the keel works awesome as we unloaded them off my truck, and rolled them to the loading ramp with no issues on pavement into some packed gravel into the water. For handling wake, we only encountered a few boat wake approx 1 ft. and it performed well. The seats were very comfortable as we stayed on them for around 3 hours with no toosh discomfort. Storage is nice and not to forget the rod holders come with tether hooks pre-installed so I don't have to!

All in all, if anyone were to ask me what to consider for a fishing sit on top, I wouldn't recommend any other kayak than the Feel Free Moken 12.5