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I frequently cartop a big tandem canoe to lakes and sound, and wanted a cart to help with launches and landings, so I bought one of these from REI last summer. Regardless of how they are marketed most all the commercially available folding carts on the market are really designed for lighter narrower kayak hulls. There are almost no commercially available folding cart options for broader hulled boats such as tandem canoes so I immediately appreciated the geometry of the design, the way it secured the hull up high off the ground and the wide stance of it handled bumpy portages and obstacles like a champ. The folding action worked great and in spite of it's big size it actually stowed into the bow of my canoe okay. Even though it digs in on loose gravel or sand because of the narrow tires I was very happy with it. But what completely ruined it for me was that every single framing weld point and tubing end as well as some of the hardware began to show visible rust within days. This cart was used on salt water beaches but was never submerged, and was rinsed with fresh water with a hose several hours after use. This cart is on the spendy side and I expected much better quality, so this got returned to the store after only 2 weeks, and I replaced it with a much less expensive but smaller aluminum framed cart from another manufacturer that still shows no real signs of wear after 3 seasons of use. I demand excellent corrosion resistance from all my paddling gear and boat hardware. If Seattle Sports would redesign this cart with an all aluminum frame and all stainless hardware I think it would be a really excellent bit of gear.