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Name: a2paddler

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I've had my Hurricane Skimmer 128 for about a year. I paddle inland lakes and rivers almost exclusively. I've paddled many boats and this is my current favorite. Previously my QCC 600X kevlar/carbon was my best paddling boat, but back and hip issues prevent me from maintaining the nearly straight legged sitting position of a sit inside kayak.

A sit on top cannot compare with the feeling of being one with your boat that a snug sit inside kayak provides, and the Skimmer is no exception. It is wider, rides higher and catches more wind than a sit inside, even though I weigh about 170 lbs. But the trade off is that I can now paddle for hours without pain.

A huge bonus is that, magically, the Skimmer tracks better for me than any previous boat--even my QCC. I used to need to take frequent corrective strokes. Unless the wind is very strong, I track straight and true in the Skimmer. I can also lift and carry it short distances. It is beautiful with a glassy finish that suction cups stick to well (compass, etc), the ABS like material is tougher than you would expect, the Skimmer has a lot of dry and wet storage, and is a great boat to take our 10 lb. dog out--he is a bow rider and there is room for us both in the cockpit. I do use some anti skid material for him to get a grip, though. My 225+ lb. husband paddles my Skimmer 128 with no problem. He is thinking of getting a Skimmer 14 for himself.

Pros: great tracking, maneuverable, light and fast paddling, fantastically comfortable and adjustable seat, roomy, stable, a lot of storage, light weight, beautiful.

Cons: extra buoyancy means it rides high, wish it was narrower and the seat well was lower, needs a decent cup holder or spot to attach a carabiner.
Otherwise, a great boat!