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The Moken 12.5 has been a pleasure to use and I like it more each time I take it out.
If you've looked into the Moken then you know about the molded in handles, wheel in the keel, uni-track, kingfisher seat and the other main points from the FeelFree sight and sales material.

Here's my take:
Molded handles - large, firm, comfortable to use and make great tie-down points when strapping to a truck bed or trailer
Wheel in the keel - Not as good as a kayak cart but not bad either. It does not work good in soft terrain, loose gravel, sand, mud. Also keep in mind this is a single wheel, anything out of balance and the yak will tilt to one side. To avoid the tilt use it like a wheelbarrow, push it where you're going if possible or double grip it and walk backwards with it.
Unitrack - You can move the rod holder forward when paddling to get it out of way. I have also used them for trolling. Pushed forward enough to get the rod out of the way but still be able to get to the rod for a strike in time to set the hook. It also seems wobbly but so far has not been an issue and is strong enough.

The Kingfisher seat is very comfortable, sat it if for 6 hours straight without fatigue or pain. Is a new boat for me, have had for 4 months, but the quality of the seat looks like it will last a long time.

I have the rudder option on my boat. I don't use it often the boat holds a good line, the hull design and the wheel in the keel help without the rudder. I drop the rudder usually when fishing in current or wind to keep my hands free and control my drift. I also like the rudder when trolling to help with a slower gradual turn again, usually taking advantage of currents.

The Moken is very stable. I am able to reach the very back of the well behind me, and though I haven't tried yet, since I haven’t needed to. I am certain I can get to the front hatch as well.
The back tank well is huge it will hold a regular crate or a rectangular crate with room to spare.

You will be hard pressed to find something to complain about the Moken. I fish freshwater and have had this on lakes and slow rivers nothing over a Class I with this kayak, yet.