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Name: Fishinjboy

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Purchased at Meijer's. Seventh kayak owned over the years. I am 6 feet and 240. Kayak length is 10 feet 4 inches and fits me well. Very stable boat. 13 year old kids love the orange color. I find the seat to be very comfortable. I can adjust footpefs to my height. Includes knee pads. The front and rear hatches have nice lever locks and heavy duty rubber/ vinyl bags. The rear hatch will fit a 6 can cooler and other goodies. The front hatch works well for first aid kit and rain gear, sunscreen/bugspray. Boat tracking is acceptable. For me tends to go left a bit. I have paddled boat on rivers with class I rapids and slow moving rivers. I can travel faster and with less effort than in my old town 119 solo canoe. The boat also has a third small hatch that works well for items you want quickly. Things I do not like: Handles are just a pladtic pad eye small rope and pladtic handle. I changed these out. The small hatch nearest seat, had a tendency to fall down so I added screw to secure it. Rigidity of the plastic is OK. On a 90 degree day you must be careful not to push off of rails when getting out with to hard, as they will flex. The boat does not have a bulkhead. My solution to this. One small beachball added to front of kayak, removed rear hatch and installed two small beachballs to rear of kayak just behind the seat.

Purchased last year a Meijer's on clearance in Mid July. Purchase price: 209 plus tax. First kayak. Been out in it a dozen times in small lakes and class 1 rivers. I way 220lbs, 6 feet 2 inches, and fish loaded with fishfinder, two poles, cooler, anchor, minnow bucket, and net.

Likes: Fast kayak, easy to paddle, good back support from seat, location of rod holder in front offset to side is nice. Two rod holders in rear also nice. Color of sand.

Dislikes: Hard to get in and out of. I have fallen out, getting out a couple of times, again tends to rock side to side. Kayak has a round bottom. Bottom of seat could use thicker cushion. Rear storage is useless and not water tight.

Modifications: cleat added, velcro to attach depthfinder, with bolt and small piece of aluminum through rear handle hole to hold transducer. Cut out small plastic rear compartment to get full access to rear. Two pieces of foam are in rear, Cut and added a foam kickboard (pool noodle material)and put against back of seat for extra flotation and mounting small 12 Volt battery to using velcro. Added mostly inflated beach ball to the front to assist with flotation. Also, from reading reviews on this site about this model, I took the lid of a large tote and cut one end off and placed under the seat ensuring all three seat supports are resting on the plastic lid. Did this to help spread the load across the seat.

Overall thoughts: Good light starter boat to get into the sport if you are not afraid of tipping, fast, and lots of fun.

Great life jacket. I weight 220lbs just over 6 feet tall and this jacket fits great in size L/XL The seat back sits above kayak seat on SOT and Sit in kayaks I own. The front pockets are hard on outer surface, and have mesh pockets inside, great place to store phone and keys in small dry bag. Multiple attachments to put accessories such as pliers, clippers.

I will likely wear this PFD when wade fishing due to the multiple pockets and loops for attaching accessories. Price is also $30 less then most similar model. Likely the same manufacturer.

Best PFD I have every owned. Built for paddling and fishing!