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Name: bobber

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I found it to be initially a little unstable(not bad but a little), But soon as it started to move even slowly (forward or backward) it was stable. Today was its maiden voyage. The wind was 15 + periods of 25 mph. I was paddling in a lake about 2 miles wide and 6 miles long. The Chop was running 12 to 20 inches. The boat did very well. I had no issues as long as I was in motion. I paddled about 4 to 5 miles.

The boat handled the chop well, Stable I never felt I was going to get to swim, tracking this boat will hold a very nice line, actually I was amazed at how well it tracks. In the boat for several hours I found the seat to be awesome, I did not expect it to be near as good as it was. The 12 foots moved pretty fast in water. Price point was very good at 540ish "Academy Sports". Weight is acceptable mid 50's. The Dry hatches had ZERO water in them, No leaks on bulk heads.
Over all a very well built boat.

It's minor, but the plugs for the fishing poles were hard to get out. No big deal. That's about the only con I could come up with.

Great Kayak! I fish it solo and the responce on the water is "wow thats a big kayak! "handels classII + water without any problems