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Name: maryjbhere

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I moved from Upstate NY back to PA and needed a smaller boat as I was not going to be using it on the Hudson River or coastal waters so my 17' seemed like overkill. I looked at many. I settled on this boat because when I get in I truly do become one with it. It sits low on the water, which I love. It glides across the water so easily. There is no need for a rudder because it tracks so well. As an older woman and have no problem lifting it up and sliding it across my car roof racks. There are enough compartments to fill my needs. The large one I store my Molly (wheels) and in the one behind me, my small cooler. The front one I keep a blanket should I want to get out and sit. I can do a 4-hour paddle without getting out and still feel quite comfortable with no cramping or stiffness. I had one boat that pressed on a nerve at my thighs, not with this one. I love it!!

Recently just purchased the Tsunami 135 and I love it. So far after 4 paddles, I find nothing that I don't love about it. The seat is very comfortable, although the back is a bit high when getting in the way I do. It tracks beautifully without a rudder. Pretty fast too. It fits me perfectly, I'm 5'5 female - medium build. I love that it sits so close to the water. I would refer this boat to a friend.

I've been kayaking for 12 years, and had a 17' Dagger Halifax and a 15'8 Swift Fiberglass Caspian Sea - sold them due to the fact I moved from NY (Mid Hudson Val) down to PA where we just have small lakes so I needed a shorter kayak.
The Tsunami 135 fits my needs.