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Name: Saltys

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I have owned this kayak for almost a year and have had a chance to paddle it quite a bit. What distinguishes the Edge 13 really is the fact that it is a sea kayak crammed into a 13 foot form factor. The design is excellent; stable, extremely maneuverable, and straight tracking. I never drop the skeg, it's not needed.

For the price you won't come close to all the features that come standard on the boat; front/rear bulkheads, rod holder, skeg, self-rescue straps, securement loop, etc.

The seat isn't anything special compared to much more expensive brands like Wilderness Systems or Necky but once you get it adjusted it is comfortable. A little bit heavy at 58lbs but not by much.

Probably the best value in the adventure recreation segment of boats. Buy this boat if you are interested in adventure and want to do more than paddle around your local lake twice a year. The Edge 13 has enough room for a weekend trip.