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Name: razorklaw

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This kayak has been a great addition to my fishing equipment. Extremely stable for standing and site fishing. The ability to switch from paddle to pedal to use of the Bixpy motor on the gravity rudder opens up countless possibilities. The electronics pod is well designed to allow a water proof system that can be removed from the kayak as a single unit. The seat is extremely comfortable and with the perch pad added gives an elevated seating option.

Bought my first yak 15 years ago, Old Town Loon, good for getting around but never thought of fishing out of it much. Last year I started looking around for something that would fit my needs. I'm 60+ years old but I'd had a couple minor issues with strokes so balance was a concern. I hit up some of the local stores and talked to "sales" people. I made a list of what I was looking for after lots of searching the internet. Needed to be wide and stable, rigged for fishing or easy enough to rig, had to be able ride a straight line, and my budget. Last fall I started showing up and talking to people with yaks. Got a few rides and got the feel for some of the options out there. Last Nov I picked up the 130 Seaghost. I'm in Georgia so being local helped but right after that I started hitting the water with other yakers. She moves though the water with a whisper and the rudder allows me to position for the wind to keep me in the zone for fishing. I've gone out specifically in shallow beach areas to roll it just to practice my recovery, but have to work on getting it to turtle. I won't ever speak poorly of other yaks but when I talk about my Vibe...I just have to smile.