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Name: XFiraga001

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I love my boat! I saw this yellow beauty sitting in a show…

I love my boat!

I saw this yellow beauty sitting in a show room at an outfitter I'd never visited before, before I knew it I was driving home with a 12' boat strapped to my Sedan's roof.

Since then it's been a happy 2 years with Y-Elie, we've spent hundreds of hours on the waters surrounding St. Petersburg FL, tackled several rivers, and most recently a multi-day trip down the Suwannee in which she performed brilliantly!

Great storage hatch, my showroom model came without the foam liner so i added a strip of neoprene which has kept it very dry. The seat is comfortable as are the adjustable foot pegs. The boat is well balanced, speedy, turns fast, and tracks well. She can take waves and she can turn corners on a fast flowing river.

In other words, unless you seriously need the benefits of a short river play boat, or a 16'+ seayak, a 12' Elie will do everything for you. And looks like you have options in case you want more fishing riggings or even a rudder, but I'm here to say the Sound 120 XE is da bomb.

This boat is so great my paddling homie bought the same model in red. Her name is R-Elie, and the sisters get along famously. We are not exactly gentle with our boats, sometimes running right onto some sharp barnacles or throwing it in the back of a truck. These boats can take some abuse, and we both look forward to many many more years on the water with the Elie sisters!