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The Pointe 65 has a fatal flaw. When any kind of speed is reached, the whole thing starts to kind of hydroplane and becomes uncontrollable, when you stop paddling it goes completely sideways (as in right into the path of any boat that might be there). It is hard to believe the ways in which a product can be screwed up and then be put up for sale. I never would have thought to look for that problem when trying it out. ????? What a shame! I returned mine to the store where purchased as unsafe and not suitable for the purpose intended. Point65 should be ashamed, as adequate product testing would have revealed this flaw.

"Dear reviewer. Thank you for your feedback. The Tequila! was launched in 2008 and is by far our most successful product. It is probably one of the most appreciated recreational sit on top kayaks out there with stellar, mostly 5 star consumer reviews. I myself paddle it regularly and can't say that I have the same experience as you. It has been sold in the tens of thousands and I did test it extensively before bringing it to market.

Having said that all kayaks do not suit everybody and I'm sure there is a recreational sit on top kayak out there that suits you better. That it has fatal flaws and that I should be ashamed is however pretty strong language considering all the happy paddlers I meet. I'm proud of the Tequila! and can strongly recommend it based on the continuous positive feedback I get."
Richard Ohman
Founder & President
Point 65 Kayaks Sweden