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Name: Dave89

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I've had the Harmony Touring miniskirt for over 5 years. Unless it's cold or rough enough to need a full skirt, I use it every time I go out. It keeps the sun and paddle drip off my legs and on hot days, still allows air to flow in. On days where it's fairly choppy and I don't mind getting a little wet, I'll use it. It keeps most of the water washing over the bow out of the cockpit, but doesn't offer any protection on the sides. I use it with my Necky Manitou 14 and Old Town Cayuga 146. Both use 2.2 sized full skirts and the small Harmony fits fine. I've never had it pop off while paddling. It's easy to get on and off in the boat and when exiting, you can scrunch it up and get out with it on. It has some kind of metal or plastic strip that helps it keep its shape. It does sag a little when it gets wet, but doesn't touch my legs or lap. Given how long I've had it and how much I've used it, have to give it a 10.