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Name: dm_reed

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I really like the fit and feel of this kayak. The fit is very firm and comfortable. The feel of the seat is excellent and thigh pads are very comfortable. Tracking is very good and is fast. I like this kayak because it is a beginner kayak but I can build my skill level through to Advanced touring and this boat will still be able Advanced skill levels. I only need to buy one kayak from beginner to advanced skill levels! I also like the sharp color and multiple dry storage areas.

I enjoy this crossover kayak very much. I like this boat because of its fit and maneuverability. First, the fit is comfortable. I can sit securely in the seat with back brace, thigh brace, foot pedals, and seat cushion. The excellent fit lets me control all aspects of the kayaks movement. This is important in river kayaking. Second, I like the kayaks ability to maneuver in the water. With a few strokes, this kayak will rotate easily and completely around. This is important for river kayaking when steering quickly.