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Name: Jon

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Fire in our boathouse and I could only save one boat, I would grab our Wenonah Canoe the Minnesota II. The 42 pound Kevlar Ultra-light is our BWCAW weekend or weeklong favorite. Our Minnesota II tracks fast on lakes, paddles up the BWCAW rivers, and carries our week(s) of gear without fear. Our Ultra-light Minnesota II portages so well that we portage all our gear in one trip. Three to six BWCAW trips per year our Minnesota II just turned 22 years of enjoyment, what a payback on our purchase. At 18-1/2 feet the Kevlar Ultra-light Minnesota II is at home on lakes and easier rivers. We paddle up very narrow “S” winding streams to watch moose feed, but that’s not it designed purpose. I love canoes, my wife thinks we have lots. Fire in our boathouse the Minnesota II is the canoe I am going for.