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Name: Zavman

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I have had three sea kayaks now, paddled several others, been kayaking for eight years and am probably and advanced intermediate. At 6ft 235lbs I am probably larger that they intended for this boat, but I find it stable, I learned to roll in it, and it is a joy to paddle for me. My favorite kayak. Stable enough that I have put complete newbies in it and they are comfortable. The seat bottom is the best I have seen and my tailbone does fine on long paddles of several hours. The back band allows a layback for rolls, but for me does not offer much support, a compromise. The hatches allow good use of space and the day hatch is appreciated. The safety and storage line rigged around the boat are both well done and well placed. I find it tracks well with no skeg, and takes very little to track very well. I did move the seat back about two inches to easy getting in and out and it seemed to have no notable effect other than what I intended. The cockpit coating is rounded enough that carrying the boat on my shoulder is almost comfortable. Great boat, I love it and recommend it to all levels.