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Name: Pehelms62

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I purchased the white wicking long sleeve shirt last year to wear as a sun block and cooling. If you get hot, just splash a little water on it and cools you off as the water evaporates. Same with sweat, evaporates and keep cool in hot sun. Bought another one so I now have 2.

I bought my Eagle Talon 12 about 8 weeks ago. I am a big man of 290# and 5'11". This kayak has great stability and tracks well. I have been in open water and in moving rivers. I have learned how to guide it where I wanted to go in moving rivers and it is a breeze in open lakes or ponds. The seat that came with boat was useless so I modified a hard seat to foam and it fits into the scrubber holes and works very well and is very comfortable. This is a good Kayak for the first time buyer due to cost and it is very versatile. Nice fishing kayak also. Has plenty of room for all your gear. I have learned that it is not necessary to carry 4 or 5 rods. Stick to the couple rods you like the best.