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Name: Zipidydooda

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This is an inexpensive,light weight, 2 piece paddle with adjustable offset. The shaft is aluminum with curved and angled plastic blades. It slices through the water nicely. I recommend adding padded grips for all-day comfort If it had come with them I would give it a 10.

We purchased 2 of this model last fall. We were looking for an entry level sit on top kayak for paddling local streams and small rivers. This inexpensive kayak is very stable and the tracking is not terrible. There is ample room for gear in the back and storage inside via a hatch in the front. There are 2 stationary rod holders behind you and a removable swivel rod holder in front of you.

The hatch in front is NOT water tight. My husband hit an obstacle below the surface of the water and his boat took in about 8 gallons of water in the brief time it took for him to right the boat. It has adjustable foot pegs. We discovered that one was broken when we arrived home after purchasing the boats. I called Pelican and they shipped out a replacement immediately. I had it in maybe 3 days.

If you are extremely tall with long legs this is not the boat for you. I am 5'8" and when the foot pegs are fully extended, I sometimes wish that they would move down another inch or two. My husband is 6'2", but his legs are not much longer than mine, and he likes to ride with a little more bend in the knee than I do. He says for the money he is satisfied, and I think I agree.

We purchased one of these last summer for our then 5 year old, now 6 son, from Walmart for $100. It included a 2 piece paddle whose blades can be offset and a clip-on back rest pad. We wanted something small and light to introduce our son to paddling, this was an excellent purchase. Last year we only let him use it in the pond to have him practice getting off and on in the water and to get used to steering. He recently had his first trip down a small river for a couple of hours, he and the boat performed well, although I would not take it into rapids. My only real complaint would be the back rest. It is only attached on the sides via clips, and not at the base. There is no way to keep it in place for comfort.

I purchased this PFD for my 6 year old son. He is around 4'3" and maybe 55 lbs. The NRS Youth Vista is fully adjustable for a secure fit and my son says it is very comfortable when paddling and does not inhibit his arm movements like some PFD's made for children. It has 2 small pockets, which he likes.