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Name: mbhockey

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I have paddled the Atlantic LV for one year now and I am very please with this boat. I am a female paddler 5'6" with a sort torso. I love the way the boat feels snug and comfortable. When I sit in this boat I feel one with the boat.

The boat tracks very well, has a great primary and secondary stability. This boat is also easy to roll for those learning to roll. The only thing to keep in mind is that for long trip the LV limits the amount of gear you can carry.

I have paddled the Quest 100 for two years. It is a great entry level kayak and also great for teenagers starting up. It is very stable, easy to turn due to it's short length and it's dry compartment can accommodate enough gear for a week-end kayak-camping trip. If you are looking for speed the Quest 100 is not for you. It is slow and doesn't track very well. The large size cockpit allows for larger paddlers.