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Name: jchiap1

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Fast boat. A bit heavy, but overall a very well made boat. I have had for 2 years now, bought used for $750, and ran into the original owner. Tracks well, and cuts through the wind and water fairly well. Seat can be a bit hard, but it could be my old butt.

My wife absolutely loves this boat. Seat is real comfortable, perfect size for a 5'4", 118 lb paddler. Easy to turn, tracks well, fairly light for its size. Recommend to people who want the versatility of a long boat, but turning ability of a small one.

Just bought this boat, but for a 15 year old boat, appears to be made fairly well. Low slung and comfortable. Seat is classic Dagger (hard). May want to invest in cushier seat. No bulkheads, so not real sure how to pack this if I go camping in it. Will let you know more when I finally take out on water...