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Name: mouseirish

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I have a 2009 old town 174. I'm 70 years old and weigh to much, 195#. I have fished with it several times on large lakes and have only turned it over once. Luckily it was not deep so I just walked to the shore. So it is tipsy. If you keep your weight centered you should be okay.

One problem is the seats are situated high and the front paddler has no leg room and the rear paddler when solo causes the bow to lift. It is impossible for the front paddler to turn around and move to the center of the boat on the water. So I took the front seat out and moved it to the center, drilling required, making it useful for kayak paddling from the center. carrying support was moved. The boat is to heavy for me to carry so I drag it to the lake. The bottom gets scratched up, but it's tough enough to last a long time. Since the price is low I could replace it when the bottom goes.

I have used other canoes that were 16 footers with keel so they tracked better than the 174. The 16's weighed about the same as the 174 but seem to plow through the water better. In a wind the 174 becomes a beast to paddle. Even with a trolling motor in the wind it goes all over. I suggest if this is your first canoe that you spend a little more and get a better canoe. It will make your canoe adventure a much better experience.