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These are solid filters. Each kit comes with everything needed, which was pleasantly surprising as many of the kit's I shopped around for came with just the straw-type filter or the filter itself. The basic kit that got for $20 included the filter which can be adapted to a water bottle, a pouch to use as an alternative to the bottle, and a syringe for backwashing and cleaning. I was so impressed I purchased the next level up as well, with the larger pouch and squeeze filter.

When you're outdoors, the number 1 priority is clean drinking water. I have no doubts this filtration system will provide that and fit in my pocket at the same time.

My wife and I took this out on Manatee Bay in Southwest Florida. For a tandem, it was surprising how stable this was, and the tracking was superb. I'm a Perception fanboy, I won't lie, but it's only because of all the kayaks I've paddled in, Perception kayaks have consistently blown the others out of the water, pun intended!

Smooth ride, great tracking. It's nice to not have to constantly paddle to steer. At 13', it's a great length for a shorter, affordable tandem!

Great tracking, comfortable, very stable without compromising speed, the storage is nice, I could go on. Perception makes great kayaks. This feels more of a recreational kayak than a fishing, though I don't doubt it would do well in that regard. My main concerns regarding kayaks are speed, tracking, and comfort. For a recreational kayak, this covers the board for me, and it happens to be quite stable too!

This paddle was cheap, which is it's only saving grace. For a $30 paddle, it's adequate. The drip and splash can get annoying. The oar was not as curved as I would have liked. I'm not sure how much I trust the quality of plastic yet.

Overall, if you're looking for a paddle on a budget, I would encourage you to buy this one. If you can afford to spend the extra money, I would encourage you to spend it rather than save the money and get this paddle.

Did a lot of research before purchase and based my purchase on several factors:
1) I live in a third-floor apartment. Storage is limited.
2) I'm mainly on light rivers and lakes.
3) I'm 6'1", 200lbs and I'm an outdoorsmen, so comfort and safety are a concern.
4) I like speed over stability.
5) Quality of manufacturing is a very high priority.
6) Practical for SUV transport.

The Swifty 9.5 DLX is the perfect kayak for my situation. Totally blown away. It's the right weight for a man to carry solo. The design is suited for secure transport. The 9.5' length is perfect for storage/transport. Hull design cuts the water well so speed is better than some of the cheaper model 10', and you're saving 6" of length.

Surprisingly stable. Great tracking. The seat is fully adjustable and comfortable. I can actually arch my back and chill. The cockpit is very open, which is great for a taller guy like myself. The console and accessories slots are useful, especially the front bungee oar lock. Low to the water and narrow frame was a huge factor in paddling efficiently.

This kayak exceeded my expectations in all aspects. I'm not sure I could stand to own a lesser kayak after this one.