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I have worked as a professional outdoor educator with various wilderness schools over the last decade. I have used a variety of canoes in my life, most have been what I refer to as "program boats" that were virtually indestructible but lacked in performance. When I was finally able to settle down and purchase a canoe of my own, I wanted a boat that could handle weight for a few weeks if needed but would perform well as a weekend warrior. On a whim I found a Canadienne on Craigslist outside Augusta, ME.

I was familiar with all of Old Towns models, or so I thought. I had never heard of the Canadienne. I asked around and searched the internet, discovering the boats legendary performance reputation. I bought it for 300 dollars. I don't know the year. Late 80's? The gunwhales are Ash and Mahogany with brass deck plates. The hull is fiberglass green.

My fiance and I have done many day trip paddles and it performed excellent; but I really noticed its abilities this past weekend. For my bachelor party I spent 4 days paddling in Western Maine with a group buddies. There were a variety of boats represented including Old Town Trippers and Discovery's and a nice old Mad River. The Canadienne blew them all away. People couldn't stop talking about it! These were experienced professional paddles who could not keep up with my boat partner and I if their lives depended on it. I was amazed. The Canadienne may as well have been an Italian sports car on the track with mini-vans! Highly recommended indeed!