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Name: Hoppe4

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Absolutely love my Pungo 120 made by Wilderness Systems. It's a wider, very sturdy kayak. The cockpit is large and allows a lot of freedom for your legs. My son sat in front of me from age 2-8, there was plenty of room for him and never interfered with my paddling.

I've taken this kayak on overnight kayak trips and I've been able to pack all my overnight gear I've needed. The carrying handles and seat are in great condition still after eight years. It's smooth and quick on the water.

I'm giving this kayak a 9 out of 10.....and not 10 out of 10, only because it is heavier and......well I can't lift it on top of my vehicle by myself, but maybe I need to start lifting some weights. If you're looking for a sturdy, strong kayak that would be great from small lakes, to big lakes, to ocean kayaking, to overnight trips.....this is the kayak for you!