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Name: Elkhunt

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My son and I took my kayaks fishing in a Cascade lake last a couple weeks ago, and after two days in my Hurricane Tampico 140L I reached the conclusion it's not made for fishing. Too cramped, no gear or rod holders and lots of lower back pain. I have used a 16' Grumman for 30 years, but it's just too big to haul by myself and too hard to get into some of the water we boat. So I came back home open to other options, and started surfing Craigslist only to find a like new OT Pack.

Frankly I'd not heard of this boat and came to this site only to learn it's beloved by most of you (thanks for the advice). So I zipped across town made an offer ($500) and bought the little Pack, that still wore factory stickers and the clear plastic on the emblem! I live on water, so I came home and took it for a test drive. I loved it immediately, my old Werner Skagit 240 moved it along at a smooth clip and it tracks fairly well, with only a little bow wiggle on power strokes but nothing annoying. I tried my favorite canoe paddle... that was frustrating, in my opinion it's not designed for a single.

I chose the Pack for all the reasons you've already read, with it's light weight leading the list. I did not find the seat too high, but I ordered a sitbacker so I did lower it about 3" and that worked great. My paddle was throwing a little too much water on board, so I picked up a Bending Branches Slice 280, the boat now stays nice and dry and no shaft knock on the gunwales even at a fairly relaxed angle.

I like to tinker, so I drew up a plan for a new front thwart/foot brace/rod holder/tackle shelf/bungee deck. I dropped $10 on Ash and went to work. The new thwart came out great and only added 5#. I can now lock my feet in and it has firmed my paddle stroke up nicely. See picture 1, picture 2 on Photobucket

The little craft is far more maneuverable than any of my Kayaks, it turns on it's axis and is responsive without being unstable. I will add an anchor trolley and then take it to a new steelhead hole my son found on the MacKenzie (I can carry it upstream of the hole and drift in). Living in Oregon, with lots of great options, I needed a boat I could manhandle by myself and a seating position that did not aggravate my lower back, I have found that boat. Besides fishing, I am sure I will camp out of it, backpacking gear will be an easy load with lots of room to spare. I don't see the Pack or my old Grumman ever leaving my fleet.