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Name: CDN_offroader

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First off, this is my first kayak, but I have tried out a number of others for doing day tours, and rec paddling. Got the Delta 15.5GT, as I was looking for a quality entry level touring kayak. In this price range, I liked that it was not made overseas, had a good reputation, came with rudder, day hatch, and the recessed bungee channels.

The padded seat was easy to adjust forward and back/up and down. The foot pedals are also easy to adjust, and use the gas pedal system for controlling the rudder.

It seems like initial and secondary stability are good with just me in the boat, I had to lean quite far over before I started to feel like I "might" tip. I will have to update once it gets loaded with gear. Once I got my paddling technique down, it was easy to get up to speed, and required minimal effort to maintain a constant heading in light chop and motor boat wakes. Turning was maybe a bit sluggish, but I will put that down to paddling technique more than anything.