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Name: Marlin

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I have owned my Wenonah royalex Argosy for several years now. For small rivers and streams this solo is hard to beat. At 14'6" and rocker with a 27" water line it is easy to weave around what ever the water throws at you. But at the same time it tracks great and is very stable. In fact I fish from it all the time. The height angle adjustable seat is also a plus.

The only bad thing that I can say about it is that it has a little flex in the hull when you push it. It doesn't effect the way the boat handles it's just that you notice it. A great all around solo canoe for what it was made for.

I have the Clipper Freedom solo canoe in the Kevlar Ultralight lay up with the black trim . It weighs in at about 40lbs. that is not really that light for a 16'7" ultralight solo canoe . But it feels more solid than other ultralights like the Wenonah Advantage. It is an older Jensen design and has front and rear flotation tanks. Like the Advantage it has a foot brace and a sliding bucket seat. Like the Advantage it has good speed and is fairly stable, but what really sets it a part from the Advantage is the 3 way adjustable seat.

It is a well made solo canoe that is a little on the heavy side, but a joy to paddle.

I have owned my Borreal Kasko for about 5 years now and it has severed me well. I have used in in every thing from shallow creeks to large open water. At 13' and a width of 23 1/2" it is very maneuverable, but still tracks well. There is enough room in the cockpit to paddle with your shoes on and the foot pegs are well made and easy to use. It has front and rear sealed hatch's that are a plus when carrying extra gear. My Kasko didn't come with a rudder and I have not needed one. You could not as much more from a plastic rec. touring kayak at 13'

I bought a Old Town 17' Penobscot at Gander Mountain on sale a few years ago because I wanted a royalex canoe to use around home. Over the years we have used this canoe for many things ranging from family trips, fishing and a few white water races.

It is a nice blend of of size 17'1" and weight 65lbs. being able to carry a lot of gear and not being overly heavy. So far the royalex hull has held up well to the beating that it gets from the shallow water that I sometimes use it in. It has a almost 34" hull at the waterline and has a shallow arch bottom which help it glide a long quite nice, but still is very stable.

For an all around canoe this is a great choice. The only thing that I have changed in my canoe is that I have slanted the seats a little to help for when I use it in the white water race that I do once a year.

I was looking for kayak to use for paddling about once a week a round where I live and do some rec. races in the kayak class. I bought several kayaks and sold them and ended up buying a used P&H 14' Orca kayak and found a keeper.

It has a good blend of speed and stability and is not overly heavy and has very little flex in the hull. The seat is not fancy but is comfortable. It is a nice kayak that I can go out and paddle with my friends and still have enough speed to use in rec. races. For a plastic boat I could not be happier.

Someday when I have more money I will invest in a composite kayak and have two kayaks, but for now the Orca will do just fine.

I have owned the clipper 17'Jensen in fiberglass for several years now.I have used for leasure trips with light whitewater to can only say good things about this canoe.I had a Wenonah 17' Jensen in the flex-core and it did just that,it flex to much for me.But that was my falt I should have ordered it with a foam core. The gel-coat on the Wenonah did not hold up very well.The Wenonah was a good canoe,but I think the Clipper is a better canoe for the money.I rate the Clipper a 10 and Wenonah an 8.

I ordered the 17' Clipper Ranger in fiber glass.IT is alitte heavy but this lay up is what makes this canoe so strong.It is a great all purpose canoe that can do it all,and it comes with bucket seats"slidding bow",and a footbrace. At a price to let people just starting out to get a good canoe they can afford.

I bought the Clipper Tripper for rec. racing in fiber-glass.We have used it in 2 races so far.In one race wecame in 3ed.We lost to two competition cruisers.In the other race we were against 18'6" canoes,and placed 5th out of 7.Not bad since we gave up about a foot and they were all kevlar canoes. I think the bow is a little blunt for racing, but great for what it is really made for.A great tripping canoe with speed and stability to get you where you want to go.

I bought the Odyessy last spring and only used it two times and sold it.Every time used it my back would hurt and I would lose feeling in my legs.The same thing happed to my son.A good kayak with a bad seat.I see this year the seats are differt.