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I have the Royalex hull camper 16. I give it a 10 because if you primarily plan to take it on camping trips where you will be doing fishing or having fun on slow water, ponds & small lakes it is perfect. The Royalex hull makes the canoe weight manageable for me to put on the truck or car by myself. The bottom of the canoe is flat so it is a little harder to manage in large lake waves and rougher water.

I took it down the Yukon (Whitehorse to Dawson) twice via Lake Labarge. For that kind of a trip I have to lower the rating to a (6.5) The canoe never swapped or flipped but we did get tossed out of it once. The wide & flat bottom requires you lower your center of gravity more in rough water than you would have to with a narrow/rounded hull. It also requires more physical effort in rougher water to go where you want.