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Name: choxley

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More rockered and flared than the standard MR Explorer, this boat was built to take on river chop. I've had this boat for one season and found that it performs great in class II and III water. I like the fact that the seats are moved toward the center, too. Though I was not expecting much in the way of flatwater performance, I was still somewhat disappointed. You really have to pull through every inch of water in the pools. It's fine if you're just messing about and don't hve to cross a lake. But it is tiresome. I'm in the market for another canoe that will handle better on the flat stuff. This is a specialty boat that does great at what it was designed to do. You pay for the tradeoff with underperformance in the flats.

I agree with everything above, but would add that this is not a boat for a heavier paddler. I've had a guide for two years now and have decided to sell it. I weigh 250, and the guide is just a shade too light to have that much weight above the rails ( I know, "loose weight" but I'm just being realistic here.) Also, the seat seems to be place just a tad too far forward for me. When you kneel, you're really more in the bow of the boat.

I paddled a Mad River Freedom at the local paddle shop's big You-Can-Paddl-Too days and have one on order now. For a bigger paddler who needs a little more "beam," consider this boat.