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Name: Danamal

Most Recent Reviews

I built this boat last winter and have been using it all summer. It is a great boat. It is not the fastest boat I have ever paddled, but it sure is not slow. One of the things I love about this boat is it is effortless; I can paddle all day and not get tired. It covers miles well. It is a little unstable when first getting used to it, but once you get the fill for it the boat is like an extension of your body.

I enjoyed the build. This boat was easy to make, but don't take sanding lightly. There is lots and lots of sanding. The nice thing is you can customize it to your liking. This winter I plan on upgrading the hatches and improving the seat.

The boat does fine in chop or in calm water after you get used to it. I have paddled many kayaks and have many hours in multiple kayaks, and they all act different. If you have less than 20 hours in this boat you should stay out of the whitecaps. It is a light boat and easy to portage. It’s a very versatile boat. I took it down to Louisiana this summer and paddled and fished the bayous and it did great, but I think this boat would be at home anywhere. I think a long 10 or 12 day trip in the boundary waters of Minnesota is what this boat would be best at.