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Name: NACcharlie

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I love my Sundowner and have had her for years. She is light, roomy, and can pack more gear than I want or need. The sundowner doesn't need to be loaded up but it helps it track. Without a keel, she can slipsail even with a strong paddler who knows all their strokes. The sundowner is great for 2 people and gear and can handle a young family of 5 with day gear and plenty of fishing gear and snacks. This is not a boat for the novice on large lakes and rivers.

My favorite boat ever. This kevlar beauty is simply outfitted, incredibly light, and surprisingly durable. I've raced this boat in a few long distance races and she's treated me right. Over the years I have heard some complaints about the seat mounts, but I appreciate the simplicity of the construction which decreases weight. Great portage boat. It makes a mile portage fly (remembering carrying my old Grumman along those same tracks makes me smile). I love my Sundowner and it is probably the one boat (no including that old Grumman I've had since childhood) that I'll never sell, swap, or get rid of.
Thanks, We-no-nah.

A stable boat boat that is great for taking beginners out. The outfitting is decent with the exception of the hatch, which never quite seals properly. A drybag is a must in heavier seas. Even if you don't roll, the hatch will take some water.

The boat is a bit sluggish, as most plastic boats are but is a decent paddle. With a pretty wide beam, speed is sacrificed for stability. I have never had a beginner capsize in the Acadia 12.5.

I use this carrier when I lend boats to friends. It is simple to set up and keeps me from worrying about people dumping my Kevlar boats on rocks or dropping them unexpectedly. Great for my kids too who love to help at the portage. Everyone needs this hardy and affordable aid in their gear loft.