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Life's busyness and a short summer window for building (where I live) led me to complete my Osprey Triple over a 10-year period. Building it was a positive meditation -- I thoroughly enjoyed working with wood (wire, epoxy, etc.) to create an object of beauty. My wife and daughter are now growing into paddling in a wonderfully secure craft that tracks well without a rudder and is a joy to be in together.

Though I do like working with my hands, I am not particularly skilled in the area of woodworking and I had no previous experience constructing watercraft. Materials were of high quality. Building instructions were adequate, but I think that Pygmy could improve them quite a bit by reformatting the manual and updating the content based on the questions received from builders like myself. Like many others, I recommend that builders read the construction manual several times for each and every step.

Contact with Pygmy staff, to ask questions not covered entirely in the manual, was usually helpful and informative.

I am grateful to Pygmy and John Lockwood, its founder, for providing an opportunity to create something that has history and character and that gives humans a special way to appreciate and interact with the natural world.