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Name: dirigo140

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I have been paddling kayaks for about 5 or 6 years now. I now own a fiberglass 173 P&H Capella kayak... I'm 6 foot & 232 lbs. I have been paddling my Capella starting my second season... it is extremely stable for me, tracks well & loves the rough water. The cockpit for me is a little wide, other than that I love my Capella & plan on paddling it for many years... I am 60 years old.

I've had my Dirigo 140 for 5 or 6 years now ...great kayak .. I've also had a Tsunami 165 another great kayak, also my touring kayak is a Impex Force Cat 5 .... I do a lot of paddling.

I traded my Tsunami in when I bought my Impex ...due to price, I will not get rid of my Dirigo's a great starter boat & my fishing kayak's a tank ....I bought a 1/2 skirt for it when I'm just paddling it great for keeping the water off you ....I love my Dirigo 140, very stable, lots of storage in the rear hatch ... I've had it out in 2 foot rollers problem ...stays pretty problems with the seat fact I love where the seat controls are.

I would give it a 10 rating if it came with a rudder because of it's size it weathercocks a lot in a wind. It's a bomb proof kayak otherwise... I will never get rid of my Dirigo

My 2nd year with the OT Dirigo 140. I found it to…

My 2nd year with the OT Dirigo 140.
I found it to be a very stable, roomy, and versatile yak. It is extremely fun for day trips or for weekend trips. The seat, and ease of controls, are a definite plus. Plenty of storage; built like a tank. I only wish it came with a rudder... it would be a great help in rough water.