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Name: MichaelFarley

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Old town Guide 14.7, From a 100 year old Historic Canoe Company, Old town Brings the guide series to the market and has left in its production line for many years. Why you may ask, because this is a wonderfully designed canoe designed for nature watching, fishing and all around fun getting around the lakes or rivers of your choice. The canoe's name alone was a piece of mind "OLD TOWN GUIDE"

Built with its long chines that stabilize the craft whether its loaded down with gear or just floating lightly across the water by yourself. The construction is is a three layer polyethylene that's tough and forgiving, just perfect for the beginner or the expert paddler.

I like the ash-wood yoke in the center making it and easy portage to the water line or the vehicle rack and the seats are very comfortable and secure. Another nice design I like is having the built in handles in the bow and stern, making easier to handle in the water and out off water ready to transport.

This canoe is fun and rides smoothing across the water, I choose this canoe for the name and then the price just having a child this was a canoe I could afford and enjoy. I've had this canoe in several lakes in Oklahoma and Texas as well as white water rivers in Texas, it tracks great and is easy to paddle, not the fastest canoe out there buy no means but this craft will not disappoint you if you buy it with what its intention are for: Enjoyment in nature and paddling.