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Name: Patuxent

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First of all, it may be unfair to rate any boat based upon a demo. But since I did not buy the boat, and there are no other reviews for this very deserving model, I'll add my 2 cents.

I am a big fan of the CD Solstice GTS, and I used that boat as the comparison to the Oracle, which is very similar in design. I loved this boat. I found it to be beautifully made and finished, comfortable for my 53 y.o. 5'9"/188 lbs, and as stable as the Solstice GTS. The Oracle is light & easy to handle off the water and very sweet in the water.

This boat is one for anyone who wants the Solstice GTS but is on a budget. Being 7" shorter, the Oracle is easier to turn than the Solstice GTS, but this is a boat for those who want tracking. It tracked great in very light wind. It edges as well as the Solstice GTS. There was no tendency to weathercock or leecock in these mild conditions.

I did not try the SmartTrack rudder as I was having too much fun going fast and straight without it. If my paddling was more of the expedition variety rather than day gunkholing, this boat would be my first choice if I could not afford a Solstice GTS. I don't know about the material so my rating is for the performance and fun.

It may be unfair to rate a boat based upon a demo day paddle - so that's a big caveat to this rating.
I wanted to like this boat. First, it's easy to carry & lift onto or off a roof. The construction was fine and it was well finished. The seat was comfortable. Upon launching from the demo beach, the factory rep warned that it was "a bit tippy"; I found it to be very stable for my 5'9"/188. Turns easily with skeg up and has expected speed for its dimensions. My complaint with this boat was its surprising tendency to leecock in very mild wind, and this takes many points off for my rating. Some skeg helped a little, but not enough. Compared this model at same conditions with CD Oracle, Solstice GTS and Cypress and those boats did not exhibit leecocking in the same conditions. Maybe it was just this particular boat - so test paddle the one you are interested in buying.