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Name: bart-habrowski

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I can't say I'm the expert canoeist, but we have been canoeing for 30 years and within this time and throughout Ontario I've had adventures with aluminum Grummans (indestructible work horse that almost killed my back), fiberglass Swifts and kevlar Wenonahs and Scotts.

For last 4 years we are the proud owners of Souris River Protector (We-means me, my wife and our 90 pound dog Petrus ). In my opinion nothing beats Souris's workmanship, stability-primary and secondary and overall quality of paddling.If you also add lack of gelcoat as a bonus of lesser weight you have the canoe for life. The only minor minus is(that's why I gave it 9 not 10), that is somewhat slower than comparable my friend's Scotts or Alchemist fully loaded. Otherwise we can highly recommend Souris to everybody looking for the great canoe.

I love it but it's expensive...