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Name: BRay

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This is the second paddling season used my 2012 Seaward Chinook. I've used it in windy mountain lakes and Pacific coastal regions of Vancouver Island. In a word this boat is stable.

I've used it in high winds, whitecaps and strong currents and have been pleased with the way it handles every time. It tracks great and provides confident handling through choppy conditions. Thermoform hull and deck not only looks great but is very durable. Lots of room for gear and well designed hatch covers and seals.

I particularly like the the ease of foot brace adjustment. the pedals spring back to your feet while adjusting. Awkward reaching not required. I've only had to use the rudder a few times and like the "gas pedal" foot controls. The seat is comfortable and supportive although I like the adjustment features of the seats in the newer models.

If you're looking for a reasonably priced all around durable boat for touring or day trips that you can feel confident in even as a beginner this boat is a great choice.