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Name: artnoll

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I have been paddling this rotomolded Nordkapp for about 5 years. On smooth waters it's length of waterline gives it a nice glide that sets it apart from boats like it's more manuverable cousin the Avocet. In the tide rips you will wish you were in a shorter craft. In big waters all but very skilled kayakers might feel more confident in a wider Aquanaut. The Nordkapp has very little flat section on the bottom and rounded chines. It is not the kind of craft I can zone out in. There is a very small window of primary stability and not a very positive step to the secondary. Fortunately that is as designed, as it recovers and or rolls very easily for a boat with volume enough to be loaded up for a few days on your favorite desert island.

Valley did a great job of keeping the boat stiff despite its proportions but the weight of all that plastic is really apparent when it comes time to turn. I am not sure, but the knee space feels slightly more livable in the Nordkapp than in the Avocet, for my 185lb 6' frame.

Valley uses a wire rope type skeg cable which is prone to bending if forced or jammed in any way. Not a problem if you take care but don't loan it out to ham-fisted friends. After five years (of harsh conditions)the foam bulkheads required an application of sikaflex to restore seaworthiness. The double seal on the hatch covers is solid, but all of the British style hatch covers seem to have a life expectancy of a few years before they crack out- As do the thigh braces made out of a similar dense rubber foam- those have cracked out too and are currently held together with glue and duct tape.

Overall, the Nordkapp is a seaworthy vessel, purpose built to put miles on- but there will be no resting in big waters.