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Name: Gregg

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I have been using the 2014 model Jackson Kilroy for fishing and recreational paddling for about six months. Comfort and stability are outstanding, long days without much chance to get out of the boat are fine. I do not however, feel stable standing to fish. I'll have to work on this, but because others have reported ease of doing so, I did not expect this to be an issue.

I love the tackle storage in the side of the boat where it is easily accessed. I have not gotten the hang of putting rods in and out of the storage tubes while on the water. This is another thing others have said is easy. I would not call it easy. The soft and hard decks are cool, but I usually leave them at home. I prefer the side storage alternative.

In summary, the Kilroy is top notch for comfort and stability while fishing. It also tracks well and paddles well for a wide kayak.

I bought the Phoenix with fishing in mind. It is very stable, and comfortable enough to spend hours on the water. I added a high back/padded after market seat (recommended). The hatch will fit small dry bags, and the rear cargo area holds plenty of gear. On a recent trip I carried a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and food for several days back there and the boat remained stable. This boat weighs about 40lbs, much lighter than many SOT kayaks designed for fishing.

The only criticism I have is about the scupper holes. They are large and water rushes up through the front scupper when I paddle. I can plug the hole with a Ocean Kayak large scupper plug, but then paddle drips do not drain out. As a result, I frequently find myself plugging the hole to move, then unplugging it to drain. As a result of water I am reluctant to use it in cold weather.

The Hurricane Phoenix is recommended for paddling or fishing in warm water/warm weather circumstances or when weight of the kayak is a consideration.

The Tequila from Point 65 N is unique. It breaks down into pieces that can easily fit in the back of my small SUV. Each piece weighs around 20 lbs. Put two together for solo, three for tandem. the Tequila is a dry ride for SOT. Water quickly exits through scupper holes. No matter how fast I paddle, water is not forced up through the holes, so feet are never resting in water.

Convenience is the strength of this kayak. Performance is not. The Tequila doesn't track well. When I stop paddling to coast for a moment the boat takes a right turn.

I recommend this boat for those looking for a simple and flexible kayak for around a lake house, and casual flat water paddling.