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Name: brighton

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I have had this boat since 2011 and I love it. I got it as a graduation present and chose it because I wanted a boat that would fit my paddling habits without requiring me to get a second boat anytime soon. I like to paddle in whitewater, mostly class II & III, sometimes class IV, but I also live with people who do a lot of lakes and flat water rivers and wanted to be able to go out with them, and as anyone who's tried to paddle a whitewater specific boat knows, it's really not worth the effort required to keep it going straight. So the Remix XP9 is perfect for this, it handles well in the rapids, and in my experience it feels like a good beginner boat, it has good stability, I've only once ever flipped the boat while actually out and about, sadly the time I spent practicing my rolls was useless as I tipped it while trying to stand up in it trying to grab something out of a branch above me.

As I said this is a great boat for someone who wants to do both whitewater and flat water and can only get one boat. If you are primarily going to use it for flat water and boat with others who have much faster boats than you I'd consider getting something else as this boat is really slow compared to my friends day touring boats, I'm always having to paddle harder to catch up. Also this boat is loud when going top speed on flat water, as it displaces a lot of water, plus the skew makes a slight clacking sound when down. Everyone calls me the tug boat.

You can fit a ton of stuff in this boat, it's great for kayak camping. The most ideal use for this boat is for long river trips, both day trips and camping ones, really anything where you're going on enough of the river to go through both the rapids and the flat stretches in between. It is perfect for this, while I'm always the one catching up to my friends on lakes, when on river trips they're catching up to me as they portage around some of the whitewater their touring boats can't handle and I just pull my skeg up and paddle right through enjoying all the terrain the river has to offer.

Also the seating in liquid logic boats is really comfortable. I'd look for newer model year boats as they have a better console for holding drinks and such than mine does (I think I have a 2010 boat)

Oh and if you are paddling a lot of flatwater get the high back seat accessory, it is way more comfortable when you'll be in your boat for long stretches than the low back.