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Bought this paddle with our kayak. It has the same color scheme as the Old Town Camden. I have used a few of the cheaper paddles and the Magic Plus is a lot nicer. If you are considering this paddle over a lesser expensive one I would suggest you get this one... you won't regret it.

Went and picked up a NEXT and a Camden, for the wife, today(previously bought my son, 9, and daughter, 7, Vapor 10s for their birthday). Came home grabbed the family and headed for Riffle River Rec. Area. Wind was out of the NE with gusts of about 15 but we spent 4.5 hours out there.

I can't compare it to other single seat canoes because I never paddled one. The Camden feels a little faster and catches the wind less but that is only going by "butt dyno". The Next is light years ahead of the Radesson I have.

The Next will spin on a dime and goes just as easily backwards as forwards. Glides better than the kayaks, for me, and is really a lot of fun. Stability seems fine for me though that is subjective. Secondary stability is excellent, I leaned on the sides(within reason) and couldn't get it to take on water. I am glad I spent the extra coin and did not get a kayak.

I let my son, age 9, take it out. He paddled it without a problem and even sat in the middle of the lake spinning it around (he thinks I need to get him one now).

I'll give it a 9 until I can get my hands on a similar hull to compare it to.

I bought 2 of the Vapor 10s for my kids' birthday. They are age 9 and 7. They are perfect for what we bought them for.

They are extremely stable and easy to turn. They track well and the kids have no problem zipping across the lake in them. The only draw back is they are tall in the front. The wind has a tendency to catch them making them harder to paddle especially for the younger child. For the price they can't be beat. They are a quality product that my kids will have for a very long time and be able to grow with.

I purchased a Camden 120 for my wife and here is our impression of it. Compared to the Dirigo the cockpit more open and roomier. It is just as fast but turns a lot better, the Dirigo has it on tracking but not by much. Remember that this is our impression.

It is a great kayak made out of 3 layer poly but light enough for me to load into the back of the truck myself. Had it on the lake with the wind out of the NE at 15. It effected it a little but not bad. It is an excellent Kayak that I would recommend to anyone