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After waiting for six weeks for my red and smoke Andromeda to arrive, I've had it for a month now. After putting a hundred miles on it already, I can say it's a great boat! Can make a steady 4.5 kts, not as fast as I had expected to do, but good for the 14 ft. waterline length. Haven't found it to be the least bit unstable, even for my 200 lbs. weight. Most impressed with the way it smoothly takes 2+ ft waves in choppy waters, almost like riding in calm water. Runs extremely straight until I push it beyond 5 kts, then it tends towards port. (Probably the fault of the engine). Construction and finish are excellent. The folks at Current Design did a super job. Still enjoy my plastic Looksha IV, but the Andromeda is clearly my favorite.

I purchased a pair of Mako Sharks and a pair of Hully Rollers last year to load my two plastic kayaks on my Jeep. Last week I bought a new fiberglass Current Designs kayak. The Mako Shark saddles have done serious damage to the kayak in just three short trips. If to think you'd EVER by a fiberglass boat AVOID this product without first investing in the new soft pads Yakima has recently made available for this saddle. I found out about the pads too late but will be installing a pair!