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Name: wytekat

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What a great ride on this easy-handling lightweight board. For women under 145 pounds, board length and weight are important, so this California Board Company's 9' SUP makes getting to the water and working the water easy, ready to take on varied water conditions, and enjoyable. Once I feel comfortable on a board, learning new maneuvers and tricks to increase turns and strokes are what make boarding fun and challenging. Pros Size, weight, even the color were most important to me, initially, then the California Board Company's 9' ease of handling became my biggest thrill! Cons I would like a sandpaper effect since I ride barefoot and often encounter mud and algae while canal hopping. Usage This board is definitely my exercise and it allows me to see wildlife unseen otherwise.

Best board I've tried! Clean, weighted well for me, easy handling, and at my height and weight, it's more than very manageable in all water conditions, even windy, rough water, too. Love it, love the product line, can't wait to get out and board!! Pros Style and design for a clean ride, very manageable board and handling. Cons Would like yet another few boards to try... Usage Exercise and touring is what I'm after, and happily, I'm still learning.