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Name: dwessl

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I've had the Pungo 120 for a few years now and enjoy it tremendously! I have a lake just a block away and feel very comfortable to go out in the boat alone, however, my husband drops me off and knows where I will be. My course is close to the edge and I don't go out towards the middle where the "big boys" are. There is no difficulty in keeping up with other paddlers and when there are waves I don't fear of tipping as it is pretty stable. There is plenty of room for whatever I want to bring along.

First kayak and love it! I have bought almost everything I can think of to be ready for whatever! Sprayskirt, spare paddle, wind sail, emergency kit, H2o proof jacket, sunhat with a growing list of wants (not needs) The spare paddle has already come in use for someone who left theirs at home, anyway, I find the seat very comfortable even after a few hours, stability is great as well as tracking, but feel I am a little slow at times :(

There is plenty of room for all my extras and then some. I usually don't use the console but it has come in handy. Lakes and rivers are all I've traveled and enjoy my time on the water. Maybe I need an anchor so I can relax and get in some read time?