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Name: rnsparky

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A pretty good boat for the price. Appears higher quality than other inexpensive kayaks sold by Dicks. Lots of features, comfortable seat, and tracks acceptable. Enough speed to putter around the lake or relaxing float down the river.

Bought this boat based on 2 selling points: 1) the drop down skeg and 2) the P3 APro seat.

I find the boat tracks very good with the skeg up AND is highly maneuverable. Only notice slight improvement in tracking with the skeg down while paddling, but it does have better straight line glide.

The easy adjustments to the seat while paddling is a real plus. Haven't found the ideal setup yet but it is so easy to adjust!

This kayak has proven to be a family favorite going to our local lake. Boat tracks very good, and even with 2 adults and a squirmy 5-yr old in it the boat behaves well.

Used it a couple of times solo with good results. At 12' long storage is ok in our garage, but two people are needed to get it on and off the car.

The Fat Boy has to be the quickest and easiest cart to use. No messy straps! Had mine for 3 years, very durable. The tires are great on pavement,grass fields, and paths with ruts, roots, and bumps.

The perfect non-fishing SOT? Possibly so given all the things it does very well. Responsive and stable out in the surf. The occasional flips are more due to my limited experience.

It's a blast to take down rivers. Decent speed in the flat sections and a hoot in the rapids plowing thru the standing waves. At least once a month I also like to go to the lake and just putter around. I just laugh and wave at the maniacs in their bass boats and jet skis trying to swamped me in my Tribe. So far they had no luck!

Have the Tribe 9.5 and it found it to be great in the surf and going down class I and II rivers. The fact that the boat has no hatches is a plus to me as less areas for the boat to take on water.

I'm 6 ft tall, 220 pounds and the boat is NOT too small for me. Like that it easy to carry and fits inside my SUV.

This is a great boat to have for lots of family fun. We keep it at our beach house for use in the ocean and have also taken several rivers with rapids. Responsive and stable and light enough for my daughter to carry, tons of fun for the whole family.

I had the original Pungo [now called the Classic Pungo] and now a decade later I re-discovered the second gen Pungo.

Excellent boat, tracks like an arrow. All it needs is a paddle holder and it's ready to go

Recently purchased a Pescador 12 and a Pescador 10 to have some warm weather wet fun. Both boats are great, the 12 is faster and the 10 is more responsive and fun in the waves.
Stable, plenty of hatch storage, and comfortable seats. Both are a 10!

Was looking for a cheap boat and boy does the Rhythm fit that criteria.

The poor - Cheap seat back, no cup holder with the seat, and no paddle park. For $20 more Perception could really enhance this recycled Dagger mold boat.

The notso bad - Nice lines, rear bulkhead with hatch.

The ride - This 11' boat is 'tween the performance of a cheap beginners 9' and a somewhat decent 12', The lack of a distinct keel line means the boat paddles a little swiggley. This is OK avoiding obstacles in a river, but kind of irritating in the wind on a lake.

In all, not a bad boat available for the mid-three hundreds brand new, just keep your expectations in check.