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Name: Pastprime

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Not many paddlers are familiar with the manufacturer of Buffalo canoes.They do not advertise or have any distributors. What they do is make an indestructible boat. Their main sales are to outfitters. I bought two of them last year and have had the best time in decades with these canoes. They will sell direct to anyone and ship it to you. (FOB ship point)

The 14 ft. model is available in tandem or solo seating. I got the solo. I mostly fish & camp on flat water rivers & lakes. The canoe is Royalex and is very heavy. Absolutely no "oil canning". I have a Wenonoah Fisherman model and it has the same dimensions - the Buffalo is 19 lbs heavier. It will hold a large amount of gear, as much as my 18ft Old Town.

Initial stability is incredible.It is very wide 39" and 19" at bow. The layers of Royalex are heavier than any of the 5 canoes I own. It weighs 65 lbs. Yea I know... that is a lot for a solo but it is very responsive. I have fished for 8 to 10 hours at a time and never had a bad day. I would recommend any one wanting a canoe to carry a huge load or fish a lot to look close at this canoe.
I probably should have given it a 10 rating but because of the weight I give it a 9.
Would I buy another one, YES !