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Name: Cantxsailor

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We had our 147 for about 2 years and found it to be a solid, almost indestructible piece of equipment. I bounced it off all kinds of things I would avoid with my own hand built strip and glass canoe. It WILL hold a pile of camping gear and IS quite stable.

Having said that there were a few things I hated about it. Start with the weight, 74lbs?, ya right. It weighed that much after I removed the lounge chairs and replaced them with proper cane seats. When on the water the bottom of the canoe would bulge upward unless there was a load or a brace between the bottom and the thwart making it much heavier to paddle.

I liked it enough to sell it to a friend who wanted a canoe that his kids could use and abuse and not destroy but not enough to recommend it for much beyond that. It is serviceable but not much more.